• MTC Players Annie JR Performance Commitment Form

    Read all information below before submitting this form

    Congratulations on your child's nomination to perform in the MTC Players production of Annie JR on Sunday December 2 at the Drexel University Mandell Theater!
    To accept your child's nomination, you must submit this form by Monday October 29.
    Your child's audition will be scheduled after the Performance Commitment Form is received. Some roles do not require an audition, in which case we will notify you.
    If you submit this Performance Commitment, your child will be assigned either a lead role, a cameo or supporting role, or an ensemble role.
    DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM until you have cleared your child's FULL availability for both the December 1 rehearsal (10 AM to 4 PM) and December 2 rehearsal/performance day (9 AM to 5 PM) AND your child has agreed to perform with the MTC Players REGARDLESS of whether they receive a lead, cameo, supporting, or ensemble role. Students who accept a nomination and do not perform in the production will not be offered future roles with the MTC Players.
  • Double-check carefully. This email is the ONLY way we will contact you with further information.