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Recital Final Preparations

  • Final Recital Preparations

  • Step 1: Confirm your Roster

    1. Log in to your online schedule
    2. Click "Full Schedule" Then "Recital Schedules
    3. Find your recitals (in green)
    4. Click on the recital TIME to view your rosters
    5. ORDER?? means that you have not ordered your students.  Complete this at your next visit to the school.
    6. NEEDS SONG means that the song is unassigned. Complete this at your next visit to the school.
  • Step 3: Recital Presentation Requirements

    1. Download the Recital Presentation Requirements (password: mtcstaff)
    2. You will also receive a printed copy at the school
    3. These requirements have been updated with new guidelines since the December recitals.  Please read all sections carefully before your next lessons.
      • Technique
      • Recital Flow
      • Student's Independent Performance
      • Your Opening Remarks
      • Your Performance
      • Teacher Dress Code
      • Student Dress Code
      • Requirements for each instrument