March 19, 2017

At the Drexel University Mandell Theater

Cast nominations are listed below sorted by school and last name.

The Performance Commitment form must be submitted by Monday Feb. 13.

All students who make the performance commitment are assured of either a lead or ensemble role in the production and must perform in the production regardless of role received as a condition of future participation in future MTC Players.

ArdmoreMeridith Bacine
ArdmoreSpencer Casnoff
ArdmoreKathryn Chang
ArdmoreMariana Chissell
ArdmoreEleanor Fisher
ArdmoreRaya Framil
ArdmoreAndrew Menning
ArdmoreJustin Menning
ArdmoreReese Reiner
ArdmoreChristina Schwab
ArdmoreJenny Seligman
ArdmoreEmma Sweeney
ArdmoreHope Wahrman
ArdmoreBridget Walsh
ConshohockenGabriella Cilio
ConshohockenDevyn Cohen
ConshohockenJulia Cohen
ConshohockenJulia Couzens
ConshohockenSophie Davis
ConshohockenCampbell Donovan
ConshohockenCatie Driscoll
ConshohockenWalter Entwistle
ConshohockenElizabeth Felgoise
ConshohockenSophia Glodek
ConshohockenSamantha Klein
ConshohockenSarah MacLeod
ConshohockenKacie Mae Martin
ConshohockenAvery Massanova
ConshohockenKiley McMahon
ConshohockenMcKayla Mitchell
ConshohockenHope Nasatir
ConshohockenJillian Quirus
ConshohockenIsabella Scarola
ConshohockenJordyn Segal
ConshohockenElizabeth Shoff
ConshohockenSarah Shoff
ConshohockenGrant Shubin
ConshohockenJulia Spitzer
ConshohockenJulia Van der Zwan
ConshohockenLilyan Wolnek
Great ValleyGiuliana B.
Great ValleyAlex Benedict
Great ValleyOlivia Bookwalter
Great ValleyGiuliana Bragitikos
Great ValleyJoe Curran
Great ValleyPeyton Harrill
Great ValleyKaitlyn Hess
Great ValleyJanya Mustafa
Great ValleyGrace Schulte
Great ValleyMia Sontag
Great ValleyMaggie Troy
Great ValleyMolly Yablonovitz
MarltonMatthew Baker
MarltonKathryn Bsales
MarltonArjan Chhabra
MarltonCheyane Crozier
MarltonJulia Desderio
MarltonOlivia Fortuna
MarltonJoshua Gatesman
MarltonKalena Gatesman
MarltonLauren Goldsborough
MarltonJohnny Gendrachi
MarltonBailey Gutelius
MarltonKaterina Kostopoulos
MarltonDaniel Maney
MarltonTre Spier
MarltonRachel Squire
MarltonAlexa Tenebruso
MarltonSophia Tenebruso
MarltonSydney Watabu
MarltonSydney Wechsler
MarltonBrynn Wilson
MarltonHailey Wrightson
MontgomeryvilleElisabeth Notte