MTC Theater Programs – Policies, Schedules, and Registration

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Attendance and Conduct

STUDENTS ARE EXEPCTED TO ATTEND ALL REHEARSALS AND ARRIVE ON TIME.  Absences are detrimental to the entire cast, and are unacceptable unless a valid reason is provided to the director in advance (illness or family emergency).  
Missed rehearsals must be made up as paid half-hour private lesson prior to the next week’s rehearsal.  The private makeup lesson cost is $20.  Missed classes that are not made up may result in ineligibility for MTC Players and/or reassignment of lines or roles to other students.
Disruptive or inattentive behavior in class will be given one verbal warning. If repeated, the child will be seated to observe the remainder of that day’s class, or may be sent home.
Repeated lateness, absence, or unacceptable behavior may result in a student being assigned to an ensemble-only role or dismissed from the cast without refund.

Communications and Assignments

We do not email assignments.  You are responsible for checking weekly for assignments, cast lists, downloads, performance schedules, and MTC Players information.
Please bookmark and check it after every rehearsal or you will miss important information that will affect your child’s participation.


Children should participate in theater only if they are enthusiastic about performing in either main roles, supporting roles, or ensemble-based roles of male or female gender.  The experience of performing in a variety of roles is an essential part of developing as an actor.
Students will receive audition materials in week 1.  Auditions will be held in week 2.  Casting will be posted on the Callboard before week 3.  Read our Casting Expectations for guidelines on how to discuss casting outcomes with your child.
While every student will receive a named role with spoken lines and singing, casting is determined based on the director’s assessment of each student’s singing and acting skills, commitment to practicing, memorization, attendance, and classroom behavior.
There will be no refunds or reconsideration of roles due to dissatisfaction with casting, line count, or gender of roles.


Memorization and preparedness for rehearsals
Parents are expected to practice with the student in-between rehearsals and ensure that the student meets weekly memorization deadlines for assigned lines and songs.
If a student arrives unprepared for a rehearsal, the director may ask the student to observe the rehearsal rather than participate.
If memorization assignments are not met, a student’s lines may be reduced, or their role may be assigned to an understudy for the final performance.