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Tara Devlin

Tara Devlin, School Administration

Tara DevlinTara Devlin is a graduate of University of Delaware with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Art History.

Tara began singing since she first learned how to talk, and remembers putting on elaborate shows for any family member who would listen. She began violin lessons with the Abington School District when she was 10 years old, and continued studying the instrument for seven years. Throughout her school career, she took to the stage at every opportunity and performed in musical productions including “Cinderella” and “Big.”

At seventeen Tara began playing the guitar, and the following year she was first runner up in Abington High School’s annual Battle of the Bands contest. This experience would become the start of her career as a singer/songwriter. Craving more music in her life post-high school, Tara became a member of University of Delaware’s oldest co-ed a cappella group, Golden Blues. She performed with the group for a total of three years, becoming President in 2007.

Tara also dedicated her time to the Infant Caregiver Project; a grant-funded research program led by Dr. Mary Dozier that implements interventions designed to enrich a child development (ages 0-5 yrs). As a research assistant, she studied child development first hand through observing and assessing parent/infant interactions, as well as interacting one on one with both caregivers and infants in lab experiments and home visits!

Tara served as School Co-Director at the Conshohocken Music Training Center from 2013-2016 prior to joining the Ardmore team.