Casting Expectations

Upon receiving their role, students are expected to embrace their role and work diligently to make their role the best it can possibly be.  
If your child receives a role that appears “small”, remember that their role may also include aspects not written in the script and the opportunity to be one of the most memorable actors in the show IF they work to develop their role with their fullest enthusiasm and creativity.  
Similarly, if your child receives a role that appears “large”, their performance may be disappointing if they not work diligently on their role.
Please do not empathize with disappointment over casting as this is counterproductive to your child’s performance in the current show and may set unrealistic expectations for their long-term involvement in theatre.  
The ultimate outcome of your child’s role in any theatrical production, and their development as an actor, depends entirely on what your child chooses to make of their role.

rams – Casting Expectations

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