Winter 2017 Play – MTC Conshohocken

Adapted from Arthur Conan Doyle’s “THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES”


On the foggy streets of London, 1882, Dr. John Watson meets the brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes. They room together at 221B Baker Street and, over time, become friends. It is not a quiet life for the duo; however, as there are many strange happenings in London that Inspector Lestrade and the detectives of Scotland yard cannot figure out.  Masters of disguise, devious thieves, and cryptic cases surround them.  Much to the chagrin of their Landlady, Mrs. Hudson, clients come walking through their doors at all hours, including a frightened bride, a confused pawnbroker, and a suspicious governess. Watch the twists and turns and this pair solves the cases!
MTC Spoken Play productions are an excellent opportunity for any serious actor. This season, we will be performing a mystery, which brings out a character’s subtlety, descriptiveness, and passion. Easily paired with our musical production, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Part I will impart additional acting skills.  Join us for this fun and exciting production!
  • Rehearsals: Week of Jan. 9 to week of Feb. 27
  • Performance week of March 6
  • Tuition: $275 (discounted to $195 if also enrolled in the Musical)