Theater Callboard – The Phantom Of The Opera

Download the Phantom Of The Opera Soundtrack (mp3) | Play on Soundcloud
Updated Sept. 20, 2017 – Music downloads, Week 3 Assignment, Cast link


  • Review the rehearsal and performance schedules below – Reserve all dates on your calendar
  • It Is ESSENTIAL that your child attends every rehearsal and arrives on time.  Please do not schedule conflicting activities.
  • If a rehearsal is missed, contact the school promptly to schedule a private makeup lesson (see below for details and cost).
  • Assist your child in reading their assignment below and preparing for their weekly rehearsals  

 WEEK 2 AUDITIONS (Prepare for Sept. 18-23 or Sep. 25-30 – See season schedule for your week 2 class date)

  • PARENTS:  Review the REHEARSAL and PERFORMANCE SCHEDULES below.  Note that week 2 is split over two weeks depending on the class day, and week 10 and 11 schedules are different from weeks 1-9.
  • STUDENTS: Prepare for week 2 auditions – Download the Audition Instructions and Practice Tracks here.
  • Audition Instructions are also available at this alternate link.  Practice Tracks can also be streamed here.

PREPARE FOR WEEK 3 (October 2-7)

  • Download the Phantom Of The Opera Soundtrack
  • Locate your role(s) in the cast list.  Cast lists are posted daily as casting is completed.  REMEMBER that your participation will include ensemble, choreography, and other participation beyond the “line count” of your role(s).
  • Memorize all of your songs and lines in Scenes 1 and 2


The MTC Players performance of The Phantom Of the Opera be held on Sunday December 3 at the 400-seat Mandell Theater.   Main Stage students along with exceptional Junior Stage students are eligible for nomination to perform with the MTC Players.  Directors nominate selected students based on preparedness, attendance, and maturity demonstrated in the first six weeks of the season.  Check back here regularly for updates – MTC Players nominations are posted ONLY here on the Theater Callboard, not emailed.


  • Click your location: Ardmore | Conshohocken | Marlton | Malvern | Montgomeryville
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to view rehearsal and performance DAYS and TIMES
  • Note that week 10 and 11 schedules are different from weeks 1-9
  • Mark all rehearsal and performance days and times in your calendar
ctice Recordings


Identify your part (Alto, Soprano 1, Soprano 2, etc.) then practice to these recordings:

ALL (listen to see how all voices sound together

Reference track (If you are Alto, part is labeled ALTO)

Practice track (If you are Alto, your practice track is labeled ALTO-PRACTICE)