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Yelena Rader is a graduate of Kiev State Pedagogic University, with a Masters Degree in Piano and Voice Performance. Yelena completed her Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance from Kiev State Musical College in 1982, with a concentration in Piano Performance and Music Theory. A classical pianist and music teacher by training, Yelena was born in Kiev, Ukraine. At the age of 5 she decided to pursue piano as her chosen discipline and entered the Music School for Gifted Children in Kiev. When Yelena was 12 years old she won a silver medal in the Tchaikovsky competition. Yelena has been teaching for twenty years, and enjoys sharing her knowledge with all aspiring students.

What Parents Say…

The Rock program was the best thing for my son. After several years of taking private guitar lessons, this program put it all together. He can’t wait for the next session and wants to help others learn as well by being a mentor. Music completely got under his skin and he now lives and breathes music. LOVE IT!!! Thank you! My son expressed an interest in music at a very early age, but nobody would even consider formal lessons – until we found MTC.

M. Wozniak MTC Conshohocken