Meet our Faculty!

Ruth Geissinger

Ruth Good is a graduate of Cairn University with a Bachelor of Church Music and concentration in piano. Ruth first began her piano studies at the age of 10, and continued under pianist Kenneth Borrmann at Cairn University. Along with her piano lessons at Cairn University, Ruth also studied guitar and voice, and performed in chorale, handbells, and contemporary ensembles. Ruth performs and listens to composers from the Romantic period such as Chopin and Debussy, classical, jazz, and contemporary styles of music.She continues her own music studies with jazz improvisation piano and guitar lessons.

What Parents Say…

We tried out MTC last summer with their one-week long Rock Band Camp. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE. Our son (11) who’s been playing drums privately for 2 years, was given the chance to perform in a band and LOVED it. But, the big news was for our daughter (13) who was new to the guitar and still was able to participate fully. This led to her taking guitar lessons this year with Simon, and her first recital in June was a glowing success. The biggest change for our daughter was that MTC gave her the chance to find her “voice”, and her vocal lessons with Jon gave her the confidence to open up and sing – and does she ever do that now – EVERYWHERE we go!

J. Chasen MTC Marlton