Summer 2020 Session 1 Online Theatre Programs

Musical Theatre Productions – Ages 7-11

Musical Theatre Productions – Ages 9-16

Dream Big! Musical Theatre Camp for K-2

  • This camp is a personalized experience limited to 8 children and involves just 60 minutes each day (1:40 to 2:40 PM) Mondays through Thursdays.  Each child invents a their own fairy-tale character, animal, or superhero who they would like to become and chooses a song for their character.  Our director, Anthony Azzolina, leads the children through a journey that includes character interviews, theatrical skill games, and work on projection, articulation, listening, facial expression, while developing confidence in front of a camera.  The students will hold an online performance on July 24

Spoken Plays

  • The Online School of Magic and Sorcery – Directed by Justin Caiazzo – In this One Act Spoken Word Play, one of the world’s greatest Schools of Magic, Hillywoggles, has switched to online learning. Young witches, warlocks, wizards, sorcerers, sorceresses, magicians, and mutants are all enrolled. They will meet Magical Mentors and Professors and possibly go on an adventure along the way. Log in with your favorite magical classmates…you might meet a few surprise transfer students as well!
  • Super Awesome Amazing Explosion Show – Directed by Anthony Azzolina – Star in play while getting to parody your favorite internet videos (complete with ads) and your favorite Broadway shows! A young student is supposed to do a oral presentation on their favorite parts in the “History of Broadway Shows” book. The only problem is, the internet is distracting and they’d rather watch trending clips, makeup tutorials, and kitten videos. While making an practicing online dance water gets knocked onto her book, making the book near illegible. With the help of their friends, can they put together a believable presentation? What they create will come to be known as “The Super Awesome Amazing Explosion Show!”

Acting and Dance/Choreography Classes

  • Be a Star – Taught by Felicia Kaufmann – Whenever we see that “one” person who stands out then the rest, we ask ourselves why can’t this be me? Well it can! If you want to shine, stand out at an audition, feel more confident when giving oral speeches/projects at school, becoming a leader in a class then this class is for you. We will learn all these things and more! It’s about learning to be confident and having a positive approach to trying new things. We will have fun with various theatre and acting skills/ techniques and improvisation.
  • Musical Theatre Dance and Choreography – Taught by Jen Grasso – Create your own choreography via commercials, music videos, tik tok, lip sync, and a production number. Individual and group projects to be performed and created in class. All styles of dance and music are used.  Learn basic steps and technique, and have fun dancing! The class includes warm-ups, dance vocabulary, beginner technique, and a culminating combination to put it all together. We will do jazz, musical theater, hip-hop, and lyrical.
  • Improv on Improv – Taught by Justin Caiazzo – In a world drowning in “NOs”, this class says only “YES!” Conquer your fears of the stage through a series of fun games and exercises that encourage collaboration and teamwork. Improv not only allows students to play at countless characters in wacky situations, but also teaches communication, concentration, listening, and the need for flexibility. These skills are key for any actor, and they certainly don’t hurt in social settings! Improv is a fun and surefire way to boost your confidence and feel comfortable standing out.