Summer 2020 Online Theatre Programs

Please look over the program descriptions below then fill out this survey with your child’s preferences.  Include all programs that would be of interest.

Musical Theatre Productions – Ages 7-11

Musical Theatre Productions – Ages 9-16

Spoken Plays

Acting Classes

  • Be a Star – Taught by Felicia Kaufmann – Whenever we see that “one” person who stands out then the rest, we ask ourselves why can’t this be me? Well it can! If you want to shine, stand out at an audition, feel more confident when giving oral speeches/projects at school, becoming a leader in a class then this class is for you. We will learn all these things and more! It’s about learning to be confident and having a positive approach to trying new things. We will have fun with various theatre and acting skills/ techniques and improvisation.
  • Beasts and Basements, Level Up! – Taught by Anthony Azzolina – Level Up, is a Role Playing Game inspired by Dungeons and Dragons with a focus on improvisation skills, voice acting, and character development. Create a character and drop them into the “choose your own adventure” story that the Narrator has created. Each week your character gets stronger and the challenges more difficult. All you need is a paper and pencil. You won’t want to stop playing!
  • Choreography – Taught by Jen Grasso – Create your own choreography via commercials, music videos, tik tok, lip sync, and a production number. Individual and group projects to be performed and created in class. All styles of dance and music are used. Get creative! Expand your personal repertoire and have fun! 
  • Crafting a Show – Taught by Felicia Kaufmann – Learn the ins and outs of creating a show! A full production is than just actors on stage acting. For this class we will learn how to create set/props for shows. We’ll sketch, draw, discuss about costumes/makeup. You’ll visually design a whole show with your peers! If you love to craft and have a colorful imagination then this class is for you. We’ll create together! 
  • Dance for the Actor – Taught by Jen Grasso – Learn basic steps and technique, and have fun dancing! The class includes warm-ups, dance vocabulary, beginner technique, and a culminating combination to put it all together. We will do jazz, musical theater, hip-hop, and lyrical.
  • From Page to Stage – Taught by Jen Grasso – Learn oral interpretation of storybooks, commercial copy, monologues, readers theater scripts, and poetry. Hone your acting skills through oral interpretation and expression, bu taking the words from the page to the stage!
  • Improv on Improv – Taught by Justin Caiazzo – In a world drowning in “NOs” right now, this class says only “YES!” Conquer your fears of the stage through a series of fun games and exercises that encourage collaboration and teamwork. Improv not only allows students to play at countless characters in wacky situations, but also teaches communication, concentration, listening, and the need for flexibility. These skills are key for any actor, and they certainly don’t hurt in social settings! Improv is a fun and surefire way to boost your confidence and feel comfortable standing out.
  • Li Sync Battle – Taught by Felicia Kaufmann – Lip Syncing is more than just mouthing the words to your favorite song on the radio. This class will help your child with overall confidence, demanding a presence on stage and facial expressions to the max. Learn how to stand out and give it your all while dancing to your favorite song on the radio or a hit from a Broadway show! It will for sure be a fun time to lip sync back and forth with friends. Lets battle with song/dance together! 
  • Play Writing and Production – Taught by Justin Caiazzo – Write and direct your own show! In this course, each student will write their own 7-10 minute production to be performed by their peers. They will learn how to develop characters, imagine their scenarios, and watch them come to life! With a focus on creative development, communicating appropriately in a professional manner, and leadership in a small group setting, students will learn many real-world skills applicable both in and out the classroom.
  • Poe the Horror – Taught by Anthony Azzolina – Dive into the realm of Edgar Allan Poe. This class will analyze, read and eventually perform scenes from Poe’s scariest short stories. Revisit classics that helped shape the horror genre like, The Raven, The Tell Tale Heart, The Pit and the Pendulum, and many more. If you like things that go bump in the night, then you’ll get all you need from this class and never more.  
  • Write a Musical! – Taught by Anthony Azzolina – In this class for students who sing or play an instrument, we will learn how to create a musical. Learn story and song structure, character arcs, character design, choreography, and the marketing that makes or breaks a great production. Write a scene leading into a song and perform it. At the end of the session we will have a cabaret pitch meeting, where you must market your show to our audience (the Producers).
  • IT Factor – Taught by Anthony Azzolina – A comedic spoken play in the style of America’s Got Talent featuring performers ranging from singers, actors, magicians, puppeteers, and more!