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    Substitua os celulares e tablets de seus filhos por Instrumentos Musicais!

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    We had a great time jamming along with First Notes this morning! 🎶🍕

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    This week at MTC Ardmore, campers will be singing from Sunrise to Sunset rehearsing Fiddler on the Roof Jr. Meanwhile at MTC Conshohocken and Marlton, campers will get to ask Elle Woods “You got ... See more

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Advanced Students Recital

MTC 2017 Advanced Students Concert

University of the Arts Caplan Recital Theater

December 17, 2017

Concert 1 – 4:00 PM

Chloe Cabida, Piano
Ian Shin, Piano
Timothy Borodin, Piano
Timothy Borodin, Piano
Bekah Neithardt, Voice
Lily Sims, Piano
Jenna Choinski, Piano
Catherine Tian, Piano

Concert 2 – 5:00 PM

Juliana Donato, Piano
Brooke Shapiro, Piano
Alyssa Bralow, Voice
Angeline Bui, Piano
Wil Sherman, Voice
Peyton Breinrich, Voice
McKayla Mitchell, Voice
Jillian Quirus, Voice
Camryn Ragland, Voice
Anna Schick, Voice

Concert 3 – 6:15 PM

Anna Schick, Piano
Eileen O’Leary, Voice
Brianna King, Piano
Emma Sweeney, Voice
Nehaa Bimal, Voice
Anna Schick, Voice
Michaella Massa, Voice
Claire Fleming, Voice

Concert 4 – 7:45 PM

Jesse Grollman, Guitar
Bradleigh Bel,l Bass
Gabriel Barrett, Drums
Andrew Bui, Drums
Tiernan Daultle, Drums
Justin Coolahan, Drums
Joe Guller, Drums
Jake Dittus, Guitar
Brandon Abiuso, Guitar
Alex Byler, Guitar
Ben Sinrod, Guitar