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Severe allergy and epi-pen training

Severe Allergy Symptoms and Epi-Pen Use

An “epi-pen” (epinephrine injection pen) is used when a student experiences a serious allergic reaction to food (most commonly nuts), or a bee sting.

These reactions can be fatal for a child if not treated promptly with an Epi-Pen. 

PART I – Complete all 4 items below:

1) Review SEVERE SYMPTOMS  (alternate link)

2) Watch video 1: When to Use an Epi-pen (1-minute video)

3) Watch video 2: How to Use an Epi-pen part 1 (2-minute video)

4) Watch video 3: How to Use an Epi-pen part 2 (2-minute video)

PART II – Read these guidelines:

1) Don’t be afraid to use the Epi-pen and do not delay if symptoms are noticed – it can save the child’s life.  There is little risk of harm from using it.

2) Call 911 immediately after using the epi-pen even if the child appears to be recovering, as there can be delayed reactions to the allergy that must be monitored for at the hospital.

3) Parents must provide TWO pens in original packaging with the child’s name on the prescription label in the event that one pen fails or a second dose is needed.