Fall 2021 Theatre Programs Registration

Please read all information before registering


STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO ATTEND EVERY REHEARSAL AND ARRIVE ON TIME.  Absences or late arrivals cause unacceptable impact to fellow students. 
Please DO NOT enroll your child in this program unless you are willing to to prioritize this program over ALL other extracurricular activities.  Review the full season schedule in the registration form to ensure there are no conflicts.
Students who miss a rehearsal are required to schedule a 30-minute makeup rehearsal with the director before the next week’s rehearsal at a cost of $20.  Students who miss rehearsals and do not schedule makeup rehearsals may have their role(s) reassigned to other students.
Students are expected to exhibit mature, respectful, and attentive behavior during rehearsals and performances.

Auditions and Casting

Auditions are held in the week 1 class.  The audition involves mainly reading from the script along.  Students will upload samples of their singing through Flipgrid prior to the first day of class. 
Every student will receive a role with lines and singing, however roles may vary in size depending on skills and preparedness demonstrated in the auditions.  
Regardless of the role your child receives, including ensemble and supporting roles, we expect your child to fully embrace their role and take a positive and creative view of the importance of their role to the the full production. 

Assignments and At-Home Practice

Assignments will be emailed by the director.  Check your email after each class for the updated assignment. 
Memorization is essential to the flow of the production and because an actor cannot fully express their character until memorized.  
Memorization requires at-home practice with a responsive reading partner.  Please arrange time with your child every week to read their lines responsively and ensure their memorization.

Private Lessons

Students who are serious about developing their theatre skills should enroll in private weekly acting and/or voice lessons alongside their participation in theatre productions.  Please speak with your theater director or our school administration staff for information on private acting and voice lessons.


Covid-19 is a continuously evolving scenario and our school will continue to prioritize student’s safety.  Please keep the following in mind when registering for this program:
  • Covid-19 safety protocols will be in effect and may be revised in accordance with local, state, and federal guidelines.  Students may be required to wear masks, have temperatures taken with a contactless thermometer upon arrival, maintain distancing, and comply with other safety measures.  
  • We will strive to avoid changes and disruptions to the program, however as noted in the registration form, tuition for this program will not be refunded, credited, carried forward, or transferred to other programs as a result of changes made to rehearsal schedules, performance dates, a temporary or permanent transition to online rehearsals or performances, or to the content of the program, if such changes are necessitated due to the Covid-19 pandemic or similar unforeseen circumstances beyond MTC’s control, regardless of whether the student is able to accommodate changes that are implemented to continue the program. If the program is cancelled entirely by MTC, refunds will be prorated to the amount of instructional time completed.


After reviewing all information above, select your location to continue to registration: