• Winter 2020 Performance Programs Orientation

  • Please read all information below then complete the certification. Everything on this page is important to your child's participation in the program.

    1) Attendance at Rehearsals and Performances

    IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT STUDENTS ATTEND EVERY REHEARSAL AND ARRIVE ON TIME. Do not prioitize other activities. Missed rehearsals cause an unacceptable impact to fellow students.
    Students must also perform in both concerts (MTC Ensemble Night and World Cafe Live), arrive on time, practice in-between rehearsals, and be respectful at all times.  Failure to meet these expectations may result in dismissal from the program without refund.
    Please reconfirm your child's rehearsal and performance schedules using the links below and mark them on your calendar to ensure that there are no conflicts:

    2) Hearing Protection

    The Hearing Protection Form (alternate download link) is required for rock band classes.  Please print and sign this form and bring it to the week 2 rehearsal. Students will not be permitted to participate if the form is not provided by week 2.
    We require that your child wears Hearos High Fidelity earplugs. These are available at MTC for $12.95 or online.  If your child does not have these, please buy them.  Hearos earplugs are safer, reusable, more comfortable, easier to use, and better-sounding than disposable earplugs.  If a student arrives without earplugs, they will be required to use disposable earplugs provided at a cost of $1 plus sales tax, which will charged automatically to your credit card on file.

    3) Private Lessons

    Instructors work with students as a group but do not teach students their individual parts in rehearsals (similarly to orchestra).  Students are required to take private lessons during the 8 weeks of the performance class in order to ensure preparedness for rehearsals.  If the student has a private teacher outside of MTC, the private teacher must agree to work on the MTC songs during the 8 week span of the program.  If a student is not not prepared for rehearsals, their participation in the concerts may be reduced .  

    4) Downloading Songs and Practicing at Home

    Copyright laws prohibit MTC from distributing recordings to students. Each student must purchase a copy of the songs from iTunes or another legal music source.  If a song is marked as having "explicit" content, download the "clean" version of the song. Please ensure that your child has all of the assigned songs, and schedule practice in-between classes. 

    5) Concerts

    Participation in both concerts is mandatoryFailure to perform in either concert causes an unacceptable impact to other studentsCheck your calendar carefully and ensure that you have no conflicts

    Concert 1 - MTC Ensemble Night - Friday March 20, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at Music Training Center: Each ensemble performs one, two, or three songs depending on preparedness prior to the performance date. Free admission - Invite friends, school friends, and family.

    Concert 2 - World Café Live - Saturday March 21, 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM at World Café Live Philadelphia: Each ensemble performs one song.  Each ensemble is assigned a designated performance window. Tickets are $12.50. Performers do not need tickets. 
    MTC may publish video and photos of the concert in its printed materials, website, and other online presence.

    6) What to Bring to Rehearsals

    Guitar and Bass players: Bring your instrument, strap, and a full set of extra strings.  If you break a string and do not have a spare, we charge $3/guitar string, $8/bass string for replacements.  Do not bring amplifiers or effects pedals (MTC provides all amplifiers and effects). Drummers, bring drumsticks only.  Keyboardists and Singers: Do not bring any equipment. Your credit card on file will be charged automatically in the event that we need to supply replacement strings or disposable earplugs to permit your child's participation in a rehearsal. If there is no credit card on file, balances due must be paid prior to the student's participation in the final concerts.


    I am the parent or legal guardian of the student listed above and have read all information above.  My child will attend all rehearsals and perform in both performances.