Welcome to the MTC Winter 2020 Mini Stage Theater Program!  

Read all information before submitting the orientation form below.


STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO ATTEND EVERY REHEARSAL AND ARRIVE ON TIME.  Absences or late arrivals cause unacceptable impact to fellow students. 
Do not prioritize other activities over your child’s rehearsal commitments at MTC.  
Students who miss a rehearsal are required to schedule a private 30-minute makeup rehearsal with the director prior to the next week’s rehearsal at a cost of $20.
Students are expected to embrace their roles, practice every week at home in-between rehearsals, and exhibit mature and attentive classroom behavior.

Scripts and Music

Your child will receive a script in class.  You will receive an email from your director with a link to download the music.

Rehearsal and Performance Schedules

Select your school below and mark all of your child’s rehearsal and performance dates and times on your calendar:

Do not continue until you have entered ALL rehearsal and performance dates and times on your calendar.  Be sure to check the Mini Stage section of the schedules.

Missed Rehearsals

Do not prioritize other activities over your child’s theatre rehearsal.  Missing a rehearsal is detrimental to the entire cast.  Students who miss a rehearsal for any reason are required to schedule a private 30-minute makeup rehearsal at a cost of $20 with the director prior to the next week’s rehearsal.  If your child misses a rehearsal, contact the school promptly to schedule a 30-minute private makeup rehearsal.  Missed rehearsals that are not made up may result in removal of lines or songs, affect casting in future seasons, or dismissal from the cast without refund.  


There are no formal auditions for Mini Stage.  The director determines casting after working with the children in various activities during the first or second class.  Preparation is not required.  


Mini Stage is primarily an ensemble production.  Individual lines may assigned to children depending on the child’s interest and ability.  
Students are intentionally rotated between types of roles each season as part of their development as actors.  Do not expect that your child’s role will get a “lead” role just because they have been in several shows.  Regardless of the role your child receives, we expect your child to fully embrace their role and dedicate themselves to making their role the best it can be.  Students are expected to listen to all of the music, take a positive and creative view of their role, and practice at home.


Please work with your child to achieve memorization of their lines.  This is an essential acting skill that they will begin to learn in Mini Stage.  An actor cannot fully express their character until they are memorized.  
Memorization requires at-home practice, for which a responsive reading partner must be available.  Please arrange time with your child to responsively read lines each week and ensure memorization.
If your child has difficulty with memorization, they may be assigned fewer individual lines in the production.


Students must be attentive to the director and follow instructions at all times; no running, rough play, gymnastics, or standing on chairs; no touching other students or their belongings; no inappropriate, unwelcome, or intimidating comments may made to other students.  If behavior is not acceptable, the director will email the parent and prompt remediation is expected.  In the event of repeated violation of behavior rules, the student may be be sent home early from a rehearsal or dismissed from the production without refund.

Private Lessons

Students who are serious about developing their skills should consider private weekly acting and/or voice lessons alongside their participation in theatre productions.  Please speak with your theater director or our school administration staff for information on private acting and voice lessons.

Orientation Form

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