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    Substitua os celulares e tablets de seus filhos por Instrumentos Musicais!

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    We had a great time jamming along with First Notes this morning! 🎶🍕

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    This week at MTC Ardmore, campers will be singing from Sunrise to Sunset rehearsing Fiddler on the Roof Jr. Meanwhile at MTC Conshohocken and Marlton, campers will get to ask Elle Woods “You got ... See more


December 2, 2018, 3:15 PM

At the Drexel University Mandell Theater

Cast List Sorted by First Name


Abby PayneMrs. Pugh
Adrienne MagramStar To Be
Alexa TenebrusoPepper
Alison LavertyNew Yorker/Orphan
Andrew RickeyRooster Hannigan
Angela DanielsNew Yorker/Orphan
Angelina MascuilliNew Yorker/Orphan
Angelina TkachukServant 3
Anna MackeyNew Yorker/Orphan
Arden McelhaughOliver Warbucks
Ava Nardi-FitzgeraldMolly
Ava SpicerServant 1
Bridget FromholzerDuffy
Brooke DougansNew Yorker/Orphan
Calla HehmeyerApple Seller
Cameron HolmesMrs. Greer
Camryn RaglandMiss Hannigan
Caroline CalistaLily St Regis
Caroline ReitterNew Yorker/Orphan
Catie BeckerNew Yorker/Orphan
Colin SalasBundles
Danielle CurnowTessie
Emily YearyEleanor Roosevelt
Emma DolanRoosevelt
Emma SugalskiGrace Farrell
Erin SmithServant 4
Ilana MintzDrake
Jonah GrossbergServant 2
Jovi SeidelmannSandy
Julia MintzJuly
Julia TaglangCecille
Katherine ReitterAnnie
Kayla FierleDogcatcher
Keira ThorellUsherette
Madelyn HanrahanSound Effects Man
Madison WolfLt Ward
Samantha LevinNew Yorker/Orphan
Sammi AcunaNew Yorker/Orphan
Sarah BegunBert Healy
Sarah SteinhauerNew Yorker/Orphan
Sophia TenebrusoAnnette
Stella ScottNew Yorker/Orphan
Sydney AssenmacherNew Yorker/Orphan
Violet BinczewskiKate