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    Another amazing Slippery Band showcase tonight at MTC!

    3 months ago

    3 months ago

    MTC Rock Performance Programs at World Cafe Live - May 19, 2018 with special guest performances by Paul Green Rock Academy

Songs performed at Music Training Center must adhere to MTC’s lyrics policy. 

Lyrics that include or reference any of the following are prohibited for all MTC performances:

    1. Profanity (Questionable lyrics such as “hell” or “damn” require context review and approval.  Email the lyrics to the school to request approval before assigning the song to the student.)

    2. Hate, racism, or references to or stereotyping of any ethnicity, race, religion, nationality, gender orientation.

    3. References to drugs (including misuse of Over-the-Counter and prescription drugs), alcohol, or drinking alcohol.

    4. References to Cigarettes or Smoking

    5. Violence, guns, knives, bombs, and any other weaponry

    6. Sexuality, prostitution

    7. Depression, suicide

    8. Criticism or hatred towards others (teachers, parents, etc.)

    9. Abusive relationships

    10. Any other topics that are potentially offensive or not suitable for all-ages audiences

MTC Song Lyric Policy

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