• 3 weeks ago

    Substitua os celulares e tablets de seus filhos por Instrumentos Musicais!

    2 months ago

    We had a great time jamming along with First Notes this morning! 🎶🍕

    3 months ago

    This week at MTC Ardmore, campers will be singing from Sunrise to Sunset rehearsing Fiddler on the Roof Jr. Meanwhile at MTC Conshohocken and Marlton, campers will get to ask Elle Woods “You got ... See more

Group Classes – Cancellation Policy

Group classes missed by the student

First Notes Music Classes

  • If you miss a class, please call us to reschedule into a different class. You may schedule a makeup into any class that is not filled to capacity.
  • Availability of makeup classes is not guaranteed and there is no credit or refund for missed classes that are not made up. Missed classes do not carry over into the next season.

Performance Classes (Rock, A Cappella)

  • There are no makeups performance classes missed by the student.

Musical Theater Classes

  • Students are required to schedule a 30-minute makeup rehearsal with the director before the next week’s class at a cost of $20.  Failure to schedule makeup classes may result in ineligibility for MTC Players nomination or revocation of lines if the student is unprepared for rehearsals.

Group Classes cancelled by MTC

  • Classes cancelled by MTC due to teacher’s illness or inclement weather will normally be rescheduled.  Students will be notified of the rescheduled class time.
  • First Notes students may attend any other class in the same season as a makeup.
  • There is no credit for cancelled classes when a makeup class is offered.

Music Group Classes – Cancellation Policy