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    Any child can become a musician or singer! Free Trial lessons available through January 11 for new students. Request a free trial at http://musictrainingcenter.com/free-trial/

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    MTC student Avery Hirsh will be singing on FOX 29 Philadelphia on Christmas morning. Tune in at 9 AM to hear her lovely rendition of O Holy Night!

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Private Music, Voice, and Acting Lessons

One-on-one mentorship is the essential foundation of learning the technique and artistry of music.  Early childhood music lessons may begin at age 3-1/2.  Traditional music lessons begin at the age of 5 to 6 years old in all instruments.
Our teachers are degreed music educators who specialize in teaching children and utilize a comprehensive curriculum to ensure that students learn essential skills and widely accepted repertoire.
Our year-round performance opportunities include four recitals each year, along with rock band and a cappella groups.
Private Lesson Tuition and Fees
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Recitals are a hallmark of Music Training Center’s music education programs.  Students are invited to participate in recitals every season, to set goals for continual advancement, gain confidence with each performance, and share their artistry with others.
Prospective students are invited to attend a discounted trial lesson with the instrument and teacher of their choice.  Click here to schedule a discounted trial lesson or contact us

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