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    Music Training Center’s summer Musical Theatre camps are the perfect place for a child to begin their journey in theatre and you can save $25!

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    MTC Marlton held it's first Drum Circle Workshop, hosted by our drum instructor Joey McGuth. Students, parents, and friends had the opportunity to play djembes, congas, bongos, darabukas and other ... See more

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    A few highlights from Aladdin JR!

Pre-Keys is a fun, interactive music class covering fundamentals of singing, counting, rhythm, reading music, playing a small instrument, and performing for a supportive audience.
Pre-Keys is for children enrolled in Kindergarten or starting kindergarten in the fall of the current year.
  • Weekly 30-minute classes taught by MTC’s music teachers Virginia Jennings and Rebecca Lehman (parents observe the class from our lobby).
  • Interactive singing of solfege melodies with solfege hand movements.
  • Interactive learning of counting and playing rhythms in time signatures 3/4, 4/4, and 6/8.
  • Learn the basics of a new instrument each season (hand bells, xylophone, ukulele, piano).
  • Learn to play music with other children.
  • Perform in the recital held during the final class.