A Cappella Programs – Policies, Schedules, and Enrollment

Class Description and Prerequisites

 Our choir programs develop each singer’s skills, talent, confidence, artistry, and performing ability. Students learn to hear, sing, and perform song arrangements along with choreography.
Prerequisite: Students must be enrolled in private voice lessons at Music Training Center during the 8-week season to ensure that the student learns all of their song performance assignments and is singing properly. 


Students are expected to practice in-between rehearsals and arrive fully prepared.
  • If a student arrives unprepared for a rehearsal, the director may ask the student to observe the rehearsal rather than participate.

 Classroom Behavior and Attendance

  • On-time attendance is required at all rehearsals and performances.
  • Lateness or absence is detrimental to all other students, and is excused only if valid reasons are provided to the director (illness, family emergency).
  • Absences known in advance must be communicated in advance to the school. Disruptive or inattentive behavior in class will be given one verbal warning. Repeated issues may result in dismissal without refund.

Schedules and Registration

Read all policies above before registering. 

Music Choir Programs