Music Training Center Private Lesson Policies

Tuition Payment

To reserve a timeslot, tuition for the full month must be paid seven (7) days in advance for all weeks in a month, regardless of how many lessons the student plans to attend. Tuition is not adjusted, credited, carried forward, or refunded for weeks that a student does not attend a lesson for any reason.

Tuition for the next month is due by the final lesson of the current month. If not paid on time, the timeslot may be reassigned to a new student.  We recommend that you elect automatic monthly credit card billing to prevent loss of your timeslot due to an inadvertent late payment.

Missed Lesson and Makeup Policy

Once you have reserved a month’s lessons, the school commits to paying your teacher in full for all of the lessons. This includes lessons you are not able to attend for any reason including planned vacations and holidays when MTC is open.  We make best efforts to schedule makeup lessons into timeslots cancelled by other students.  

  • Lessons missed or canceled by the student are not banked, credited, refunded, carried forward, or owed to the student in any manner regardless of reason or advance notice of the cancellation.  
  • Lessons you cancel before the lesson start time are eligible for makeup to a limited extent in other student’s canceled timeslots
  • You may schedule up to 3 makeup lessons per 30-day period to ensure fair distribution of available timeslots among all MTC students.
  • Makeup lessons may not be scheduled in any week that tuition has not been paid, such as when a paid lesson is refunded due to a teacher absence or holiday.
  • You may schedule makeup lessons with any teacher at the Montgomeryville Music Training Center and on any instrument taught at the school subject to availability and until the date of your final paid recurring lesson.
  • Makeup lessons may not be scheduled after your final paid recurring lesson.

Lessons Cancelled by the School

Tuition for lessons cancelled by Music Training Center due to snow, instructor illness, or facility conflicts will be credited to your account and deducted from the next month’s invoice.

However, if a substitute teacher has been scheduled at the same day and time of the original lesson, there is no tuition credit if the student does not attend the lesson.

School Holidays

Tuition is not charged for days that MTC is closed: Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving week, and December 24th through January 1st. Tuition is charged for all other days of the year.

Substitute Teachers

If your teacher is out sick or on vacation, another faculty member may be scheduled to teach your lesson at the regularly scheduled time. Substitute lessons are billed the same as regular lessons. If you prefer to not have a substitute teacher, we will try to reschedule your lesson with your primary teacher subject to availability, however there is no monetary credit if you cancel the lesson.

Stopping Lessons

You may stop lessons at the end of any calendar month. If you have already paid the month’s tuition, you may stop lessons by providing 14 days advance notice. Tuition for lessons more than 14 days from your notice date is credited to your account for future use, but is not refunded.

Music Lesson Policies