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Summer Income – Marlton

Maximizing Your Summer Income

Beginning on May 25, parents decide to either: Continue lessons during the summer, place a summer hold while they are away (which maintains your income), or to de-enroll from your studio.
Summer holds continue your income while students are away and ensure that your students will return by Sept. 1 (without a summer hold, many students won’t resume lessons until late September).  
You will also earn a higher student retention bonus next year because summer holds increase the number of students who continue into next year.  

The keys to convincing parents to place a summer hold with you are: 

  • Sending monthly progress update emails to parents
  • Ensuring that your June recitals comply with all aspects of the Recital Presentation Requirements

Write a personalized progress report to every parent

This step is most important if has been more than 30 days since your last full progress update
Send parents a personalized progress report from the teacher console using the guidelines below.  This personal written message matters more than any verbal discussion.  SEE BELOW for guidelines.

Make sure that your June recitals follow all aspects of the Recital Presentation Requirements

  • Your preparedness and professionalism at your recitals play a large role in parent’s decisions to hold a spot with you into next year.

Make additional income from summer camp referrals

  • Refer your students to MTC summer camps: You will receive a $20 bonus in your September 8 paycheck for each of your students who enrolls in at least one Rock Band Camp, Musical Theater Camp, or A Cappella Camp in the instrument that you teach.  Learn about MTC summer camps here.

Progress Report Guidelines (Customize for each student – Do not send a “form letter”)

  1. Recap their child’s accomplishments / progress this school year
  2. You are looking forward to their _______’s performance of _____ at the June recital (if the child is performing)
  3. What you have planned for the student’s curriculum this summer and fall
  4. Repertoire you have in mind for the child’s December 2016 recital
  5. If ____ will be away for a few weeks or all of the summer, please consider placing a summer hold on the timeslot, as you would like to continue to be _____’s teacher when they return from summer activities.

The email below is for illustration only.  DO NOT copy and paste this email or use the same email for multiple students. 

Dear Susan,
I am writing to personally congratulate Charlie on his progress this school year.  Charlie has made great strides in his technique, particularly in his sight reading abilities and expressive abilities, and has nearly completed the level 4 piano curriculum.  He has worked hard and I am proud to see him developing as a musician.
Going forward into the summer and fall, we will continue work toward completion of the level 4 curriculum including 4-octave scales and classical repertoire.  For the December recital, I have in mind for Charlie to perform Chopin’s Prelude in e minor, a beautiful piece of music that is an essential part of a pianist’s repertoire.
If Charlie will away for all or part of the summer, please consider placing a summer hold on his timeslot, as it will ensure that I will be able to continue to teach Charlie when he returns from summer activities and also helps to maintain my income over the summer.  Our school administration staff will be happy to assist with placing this hold for the weeks that Charlie may be away.
Thank you for supporting Charlie’s musical interests.  I look forward to seeing you at the recital in June.
John Smith