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Joseph “Joey” McGuth


Joseph “Joey” McGuth, Drum Instructor

Joey is a degree candidate for a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies at Rowan University.  Prior to attending Rowan University, Joey received the Springfield Township High School Louis Armstrong Memorial Award, the Ellen Farish Memorial Scholarship for 2017, and the New Jersey Jazz Society scholarship in recognition of outstanding achievement in the study of jazz at Rowan University in 2018.  In addition to playing drum set, Joey has been playing and receiving formal training in congas and African djembe for many years. 
Joey has performed and worked closely with noted musicians such as Oliver Nelson Jr., Denis Diblasio, Jeff Coffin, Dean Schneider, Behn Gillece, George Rabbai, Douglass Mapp, Timothy Schwarz, John Pastin, and Dean Witten.  He was a featured guest artist in the Rowan Wind Ensemble twice in 2017 and played drum set in the Rowan Big Band from 2016-2018. He has performed at venues such as SOUTH, Paris Bistro & Jazz Cafe, Philadelphia Clef Club, Heritage, Shanghai Jazz, and the Brooklyn Bazaar. 
Joey is excited to share his love of percussion with Music Training Center students.