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    Another amazing Slippery Band showcase tonight at MTC!

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    MTC Rock Performance Programs at World Cafe Live - May 19, 2018 with special guest performances by Paul Green Rock Academy

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Anthony Warga

Anthony Warga – Piano, Flute, Trumpet, Sax, Clarinet, and Trombone Instructor

Anthony Warga is a graduate of Rowan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education and Jazz Studies.

Anthony began studying piano and clarinet at a young age and added saxophone to his repertoire upon entering middle school. He has studied blues and rock saxophone privately with Doug Treen, classical and jazz with John Guida, jazz and composition with Denis Diblasio, and classical with Dr. Tim Powell.  He has also studied classical and piano pedagogy with Frank Staneck, jazz piano with Dean Schnieder, and classical piano with Dr. Alexander Timofeev.  Anthony has also received training on all major woodwind, brass, and string instruments.

Anthony has performed at the International Saxophone Symposium, as a concerto soloist with the Rowan University Orchestra, as a woodwind in pit orchestras, and in solo recitals at Boyd Recital Hall.  Anthony has performed and continues to perform in various ensembles and bands throughout the area.

Anthony believes in a well-rounded approach to music education, blending aspects of classical and jazz theory with instruction that facilitates student’s growth as performers and independent musical thinkers