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Ben Bricklin


Ben Bricklin – Rock Band Instructor

Ben Bricklin began playing guitar at The Music Training Center in 2007 where he studied guitar and performed in MTC’s Rock Performance Programs from 2014 – 2017.   Ben’s music education also includes bass, vocals, saxophone, drums, and piano.
At age 15, Ben was accepted into the Paul Green Rock Academy and quickly become a standout in the PGRA elite program.  Ben has performed throughout the east coast at venues and events including The Metalsia Festival in Woodstock, NY, Fortina in Stamford, CT and World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA.  Ben will be touring in the summer of 2019 with PGRA and performing at the legendary 50th Anniversary Woodstock Festival in upstate NY.
Ben brings considerable talent as a multi-instrumentalist and dynamic stage presence to Music Training Center’s Rock Program and looks forward to sharing his musical skill and passion for performing with his students!