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Noelia Uriarte


Noelia Uriarte – Early Childhood Music Instructor

Noelia Uriarte is a graduate of Rutgers University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Music Education – specializing in Bilingual Elementary Ed. & Saxophone.
Although living in the tri-state area for all of her life, she is a First-Generation Uruguayan-American woman with Indigene roots to South America. Spanish was Noelia’s first language and growing up in a predominantly English enforced speaking setting – Multicultural education & integrating her students’ cultures into her classroom became a passion and priority.
In addition to playing saxophone and teaching, Noelia grew up playing Spanish drums (tambores) in festival/ceremonial parades and took many years of Spanish Folklore Dance – in addition to being forced to dance Bachata with her mom in the kitchen.
Noelia’s passion for diving into, learning, and participating in other cultures has grown to be immersive. She loves to travel and has experienced 5 of 7 continents in the world – with plans to continue her explorations after it is safe to travel once more!
The MTC Multicultural Curriculum is designed to encourage students and parents to experience and try things outside of their comfort zone; as well as to establish belonging, tolerance, acceptance, cultural responsiveness; and lastly, to equip children with the attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary for effective living in a complex, diverse world. Noelia is extremely excited to bring fresh, engaging and culturally inclusive repertoire and activities to the Music Training Center family through diverse singing, dancing, storytelling, instrument playing, games and more!