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    Substitua os celulares e tablets de seus filhos por Instrumentos Musicais!

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    We had a great time jamming along with First Notes this morning! 🎶🍕

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    This week at MTC Ardmore, campers will be singing from Sunrise to Sunset rehearsing Fiddler on the Roof Jr. Meanwhile at MTC Conshohocken and Marlton, campers will get to ask Elle Woods “You got ... See more

Testimonials by MTC students and parents

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My daughter and I cannot believe how much she has improved in singing and piano in the short time she’s been in lessons with Dr. Michael Phelps. He really understands my children and adapts his teaching toward them as individuals. He is a rare and gifted teacher.

R. Needleman MTC Ardmore June 9, 2015

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Both my kids had a wonderful experience with their singing and drum lessons. Katy Vona is a very sweet and warm teacher. It was Maddie’s first time taking singing lessons and it was a wonderful experience. Joe Aiello is very caring and funny teacher!! My kids loved being in the recital and it was a very rewarding experience. Thanks for a terrific first time experience for both of my kids.

L. Silver MTC Marlton April 12, 2015

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B.J. Capelli works hard to make the lessons relevant and fun and inspires Noah to do his best. Noah is becoming a great drummer and we couldn’t be happier!

D. Rubin MTC Ardmore April 12, 2015

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We started at MTC when our kids were 2-1/2 and 6 months. Both kids LOVE the class and we play the CD’s constantly at home but nothing beats the actual class. The teacher’s enthusiasm for the music (and the kids) are infectious! Bravo!

C. Meersman MTC Conshohocken April 12, 2015

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My daughter always leaves the Music Training Center with a huge smile on her face and she almost always comes out singing. She doesn’t even wait to close the car door before she is excitedly telling me what she did and singing the song that she learned that day. She loves her teacher, because she tells me she is so fun and is always smiling. Every week she can’t wait to go back so she can sing some more. She loves the Music Training Center.

H. Marquette MTC Great Valley April 12, 2015

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Three outstanding’s for Music Training of Montgomeryville. The location is excellent with neighboring stores to make the wait enjoyable, parking is great and building is easy to reach. The staff is professional and pleasant. The teacher is great. The facility is always neat and clean.

B. Henderson MTC Montgomeryville April 12, 2015

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I’m a huge fan of the Music Training Center. Both of my children have taken weekly lessons for the past 4 years, one in voice, the other in guitar in addition to attending Rock Band Camp. Your instructors are talented professionals that offer inspiration by example; their exceptional instruction seems to be geared to the student’s needs and interests. Kids change, and my daughter’s beloved teacher/mentor moved on. This can happen anywhere, however, the professional and respectful way you addressed our concerns/preferences made a huge difference in our experience. My daughter’s needs always came first, and the staff was always respectful and accommodating.

M. Rosenbaum MTC Ardmore April 12, 2015

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They instructors bring songs to life by actively engaging both kids and parents. Whether they’re harmonizing, demonstrating using the musical instruments with the kids during “instrument time,” or showing us the hand gestures that go along with a song, they’re both completely engaged in the instruction.

N. Benner MTC Conshohocken April 12, 2015

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Our daughter has participated in four different plays at the Music Training Center in Montgomeryville. It has been such a pleasure to watch her skills and confidence soar after each session. We love the structure and creativity of your program and the encouragement that your staff gives the students is priceless! Thank you!!

R. Fortune Montgomeryville, PA April 12, 2015

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Our twin girls attended the Music Explorers class in Marlton which can be at times a little challenging giving the age of the kids. The instructors conducted the classes with enthusiasm, passion, patience and knowledge sprinkled with a bunch of fun. Our girls truly enjoyed the classes, learning different aspects of music and the CD’s were a great way to learn the poems and songs. This was a super introduction to music for little ones.

A. Martin MTC Marlton April 12, 2015

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My son started lessons at age 4 and he is progressing by leaps and bounds. Nick has a very kid-friendly approach to teaching and recognizes my son’s strengths and builds on them. I highly recommend MTC – they have been an answer to my son’s prayers!

A. Shumoski MTC Conshohocken April 12, 2015

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The Rock program was the best thing for my son. After several years of taking private guitar lessons, this program put it all together. He can’t wait for the next session and wants to help others learn as well by being a mentor. Music completely got under his skin and he now lives and breathes music. LOVE IT!!! Thank you! My son expressed an interest in music at a very early age, but nobody would even consider formal lessons – until we found MTC.

M. Wozniak MTC Conshohocken April 12, 2015

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My 1-year-old son was using everything as a drum – actually creating beats and tapping out the rhythms to nursery songs and songs he hears. MTC Ardmore and MTC Montgomeryville were great! My son LOVED both locations – theclasses, the other children, the teachers. I recommend these classes for all children.

N. Fulton MTC Ardmore April 12, 2015

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My daughter has done the last two shows at MTC Montgomeryville. She absolutely loves it! MTC is great because they write their own shows. This ensures that every student has multiple lines and singing opportunities. At other children’s theater programs, my daughter had one or two lines. Here, she has 15-20!! The shows are first class and your fee includes costume rental and tickets. Other places charge you for costumes, tickets, and script deposits. Bottom line… MTC does an excellent job and provides good value for the money!!

A. Lacianca MTC Montgomeryville April 12, 2015

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We have so enjoyed taking lessons at MTC in Marlton. My daughter did not want to take piano lessons, but after working with Erica she now loves piano. She is also taking voice with Jon and he works so well with her selecting popular music she loves and as well as Broadway music. She has developed a real interest in Broadway. All the staff at MTC Marlton is first rate starting with Jessica, the Director. We love going here and appreciate all the hard work and dedication of the entire staff.

L. Watabu MTC Marlton April 12, 2015

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My son, John, absolutely thrived while studying with Vahe. For me, it was more than just learning an instrument – it boosted his self esteem and to watch my shy, reserved son play at a recital – you cannot put a price on that kind of accomplishment. It is so wonderful to see my child excited about learning. Thanks for a wonderful experience.

L. Foran MTC Ardmore April 12, 2015

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The staff at MTC were amazing. My daughter had such a lovely time. She thoroughly enjoyed being in a musical theatre production and loved getting up in front of the audience. It was also a great experience for the rest of the family. Thanks to the nice lobby and free wifi, if I had to bring my older son, he was ok hanging out in the lobby area during my daughter’s practice.

A. Pettibone MTC Great Valley April 12, 2015

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We tried out MTC last summer with their one-week long Rock Band Camp. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE. Our son (11) who’s been playing drums privately for 2 years, was given the chance to perform in a band and LOVED it. But, the big news was for our daughter (13) who was new to the guitar and still was able to participate fully. This led to her taking guitar lessons this year with Simon, and her first recital in June was a glowing success. The biggest change for our daughter was that MTC gave her the chance to find her “voice”, and her vocal lessons with Jon gave her the confidence to open up and sing – and does she ever do that now – EVERYWHERE we go!

J. Chasen MTC Marlton April 12, 2015

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My son has been taking guitar lessons about 1 year from Ben Bowles. We are so thrilled in how far he has already progressed. We feel that this is due to the fact that his teacher listens to what music my son likes and he incorporates this into his instructions. Ben is great with kids and a natural teacher. We could not be happier with our experience at MTC.

K. Rodgers MTC Montgomeryville April 12, 2015

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My son is in his fourth year at MTC. He has been taking piano lessons and has recently started drum lessons with Scott Grande. The teachers are very professional working with a curriculum but also offering flexibility in working at my son’s pace and making time for his areas of musical interest. The recitals have enabled my son to conquer his stage jitters; intro to rock band will give him a chance to experience playing with his peers. The center is run efficiently; teachers are ALWAYS on time and substitutes are provided if a teacher is off for the week, giving the student a chance to work with other teachers’ styles. We have been impressed with all of the teachers thus far and I highly recommend MTC to anyone considering music lessons of any kind at any age.

M. Paino MTC Conshohocken April 12, 2015

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I brought my son to MTC one day on a whim, to try a free piano lesson. That was a year-and-a-half ago, and he’s become a fantastic piano player who fills our home every day with live music. Yelena Rader, his teacher, has a gift for bringing out the very best in our son. I treasure their relationship because it keeps him so motivated to keep learning and playing. She has incredible energy during the lesson, and every week she really gives it her all. It’s a special treat to hear her play! For my part as a parent, the staff at MTC are very professional and always make us feel welcome. It really is a fine place to hang out, and my son can’t wait till he is old enough for Rock Band.

J. Traub MTC Montgomeryville April 12, 2015

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My son took guitar lessons at a very popular store for two years. He’s learned more in his first three months at MTC…and it’s less expensive! At the other place, he never learned scales, notes, or how to read music. Not only has he learned all of that already at MTC, he is more confident and playing very well; and he loves his teacher, Ryan Voelker. Ryan is an excellent teacher with a great personality! He’s helpful, fun, patient and passionate about his craft! He is also an awesome guitar player! We couldn’t be happier! I just wish we had come to MTC first!

S. Chandler MTC Montgomeryville April 12, 2015

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Chad and Marjorie deserve Outstanding Teachers of the Year award. My daughter was shy and not confident when she first came to the Music Training Center in March of 2012. Chad and Marjorie changed all that — they changed her outlook, her enunciation improved dramatically, she stands up straight, she projects her voice, and she smiles with confidence every day. Chad and Marjorie provided the catalyst to fully appreciate the strict discipline of practicing, as well as the rhythm of drama, the thrill of the stage, and the confidence to do well while performing. Claire took the same discipline and applied it to every facet of her life and has shone academically and athletically. I cannot thank MTC for cultivating such talented teachers and helping my daughter find her “voice”. Keep up the GREAT WORK!

C. Choh MTC Ardmore April 12, 2015

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We love Mrs. Judy Sanger! Our daughter has resumed her piano lessons after a one year break. She previously was attending a local music and dance academy classes. Here at MTC she made a quick progress with her piano lessons and developed a strong bond to her piano teacher, Mrs. Judy Sanger. Anyone should know from start this is a very serious music training center, they are following a curriculum, are monitoring and very much encouraging the child’s progress. After a few weeks, my girl went for a trial voice lesson, which proved to be a success. So now, she is taking both classes, piano and voice, with Mrs. Judy and loves practicing music. We are very happy with our decision to enroll her with the MTC Montgomeryville, highly recommended for music inclined individuals!

C. Protopopescu MTC Montgomeryville April 12, 2015

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