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    Music Training Center’s summer Musical Theatre camps are the perfect place for a child to begin their journey in theatre and you can save $25!

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    MTC Marlton held it's first Drum Circle Workshop, hosted by our drum instructor Joey McGuth. Students, parents, and friends had the opportunity to play djembes, congas, bongos, darabukas and other ... See more

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    A few highlights from Aladdin JR!

Casting Expectations

Upon receiving their role, students are expected to embrace their role and begin working diligently to make their role the best it can possibly be.  
Please do not expect that your child will receive a “lead” role because they have participated in many prior productions, received lead roles in the past, or had a “great” audition.  We intentionally rotate our actors through a variety of roles to broaden their experience and preparedness for long-term involvement in theatre.  The only aspects of auditions that affect casting are how well-prepared the student was for the round-robin script readthrough, and if their singing voice has the natural range required for certain roles.
If your child receives a role that appears “small”, remember that their role may also include aspects not printed in the script and that supporting and ensemble characters have the opportunity to be the most memorable actors in the show IF they take on their role with enthusiasm and creativity.  
Similarly, if your child receives a role that appears “large”, their performance may be disappointing if they do not work diligently on their role.
Most importantly, please do not sympathize with disappointment over casting as doing so may be counterproductive to your child’s level of commitment to the cast of their current production and may set unrealistic expectations for their long-term involvement in theatre.  
The ultimate outcome of your child’s role in any theatrical production, and their development as an actor, depends entirely on what your child chooses to make of their role.