Follow these instructions to ensure good audio quality.  If these settings are not set exactly as described below, audio heard by the teacher and in recitals may be garbled or suppressed.  

Internet Connection and Location

  1. Choose a quiet location – Background noise severely disrupts your audio
  2. Be near or on the same floor as your Wifi Router – Weak connections severely impact audio and video quality
  3. During your lesson, avoid using your Wifi for streaming TV, gaming, or other zoom sessions

PC or Laptop (Windows/Mac)

  1. Install the CURRENT version of Zoom Client for Meetings
  2. Connect to your lesson (or go to https://zoom.us/test, then click Join Meeting)
  3. If prompted, give permission to connect audio and video
  4. When you are in the meeting, update these settings
    1. Move your mouse over the lower left corner of your Zoom screen. 
    2. Click the small arrow (^) next to the microphone, then select Audio Settings.
    3. UN-check “Automatically adjust volume”
    4. Set the volume slider to 75% (three-quarters the way up)
    5. Set “Suppress Background Noise” to LOW – If you do not see this option, install the current version of Zoom Client for Meetings
    6. Look in the lower right corner and click the ADVANCED button
    7. At the top of the next screen, CHECK “Show in-meeting option to Enable Original Sound”
    8. Close the settings box
    1. Move your mouse over the upper left corner of your Zoom screen. 
    2. If you see “Turn on original Sound”, click to turn on. 
    3. Confirm the message now says “Turn off original sound” (this means original sound IS turned on).
  6. If you are in a test meeting, click Leave